Day 62

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Someone gave me a fortune cookie last night and the message inside was surprisingly significant. It said :”Happiness is enjoying what you have. Not what you desire.” so I tried today to enjoyed every minute of my day today not thinking at what I’d liked to have. Not only I had a wonderful day but I can assure you that I will remember it with a great smile. I have a picture in my mind of every road we took, every coffee shop we stopped or passed, every smile and word of my friends and every landscape of lakes or trees. …and I won’t forget a single hill, or at least, my legs won’t 🙂 !! So, Jerry, Scott and I tried to find nice roads to ride on, lake to swim in, playground to play with and ice cream shop to have so delicious fuel: it was amazing! I suggest you try to do the same: see, appreciate and remember all the positive sides and events of your day.