Day 58

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Today we started from Lake placid and were directed to Plattsburgh which was supposed to be one of the shortest day of the trip, but which turned out to be one of the longest. 🙂 Knowing I had a lots of time, I started exploring the skiing jumps, the Olympic village and and where the Olympic flame was situated in 1980 during the winter games. Then I met Scott and Jerry on the way and we decided to go up Whiteface Mountain which is a very high mountain and its summit offers an incredible 360-degree view. So we pedaled up a steep road for about 10 miles and when we got to the end of the road at 4610 ft above the sea level there was a long and steep hiking path made of rocks and steps to go to the summit. We looked at each other with a surprised face like saying “…what now?!” So we took our cycling shoes of, put our bikes on our shoulders and started walking up very slowly. Why?! Good question, I was asking it myself too while going up…but we had to: it was there!! It was absolutely worth it, both the cycling and the walking climb. The view was impressive and Jerry was having too much fun on the very edge of the summit.