Day 53

I jumped on my bike this morning at 6:25 and started pedaling up the first hill thinking “uuuh…my legs” then I told myself “only a couple more hills and it will get better :)”

I rode alone at my paste stopping here and there to get a coffee or a snack. I pulled over at a gas station around mile 40 because I was really tired, put my bike agains the convenience store and went to get something. A young and very friendly truck driver looked at me, soaking wet from the rain and pretty exhausted from the hills. He asked me if I was ok and I noticed in his voice that he was feeling very sorry for me, so I replied “yes thanks! I’m happy, I like the rain: it cools me of. And I’m loving my day so far, I’m just a bit tired and needed a break.” I looked at his massive blue truck and said “I’m sure you know what it means to be on the road for many hours. How is your day going so far?” He smiled, surprised; he was quite for a second and was just staring at my bike, probably thinking “yes I know what it means but it’s not the same!” But then he said “yes, I do know 🙂 My day has been great too, I enjoy the rain as well :)” It was pretty funny because I totally notice that he was lying to me, only trying to encourage me. Then he wanted to buy me coffee and lots of chocolate because he said I needed and deserved it. This little and unplanned break made my day and gave me lots of energy and happiness to pedal the remains 48 miles.