Day 48


I always imagined Canada like the cold and covered by snow and ice continent; I am sure that that’s what it is in the winter, but believe me, right now it is not! It was so hot today that I probably lost 15 pounds of water from my body and since it is basically impossible to replace them while riding, the further out in the day, the slower we were going. We averaged probably 24ml/hr on the first 50 miles and about 18 on the last 40, with a total average of 21,5 ml/hr. Two miles before the campground we stopped for a cold drink; we got of our bikes, looked at each other and we all had he same thought coming up: “Are we sure that we can enter a coffee shop like this?!” We were soaking wet, dripping sweat everywhere as if we just came out from the shower. We sat on the wooden bench outside the café and when we got up we left some funny prints on the bench 🙂