About us

Hello everyone! I’m Fabia, I’m 20 years old and I go to College. I was born in an Italian town called Reggio Emilia where I still have my roots today, although travelling around the World. This year I decided to do something very special, challenging and for sure something different. It is not the first time that I explore the world in my own way, but it is certainly the first time that I decided to share my experience with all my readers. Having swum the English Channel in relay in 2013 and having crossed the North Atlantic Ocean on a tall ship in 2015, I though that this year the time has come to explore the Unites States of America on a bicycle and to share my adventure with all the supporters of GRADE, and all those who are interested to explore many beautiful states with me.

GRADE is an Italian acronym that stands for Friends of Hematology Group; it was born in Reggio Emilia 26 years ago and it became a non-profit Foundation in 2015. Friends of Hematology Group values human relations, kindness, and support to the other. Their main mission is to improve scientific research and the assistance and the quality of life for the patients and their families.

I decided, despite my shy character, to write a blog to share my coast-to-coast crossing with you and to give the possibility to all those who don’t have the time, energy and opportunity to live it with me. My wish and my intent by doing this “trip” is to support the GRADE organization and to contribute to cancer research, and more exactly to the project “IOxTE… moltiplica la ricerca!”, translated in “ME4YOU…to multiply research”. The project’s aim is to contribute to the improvement of hematological research and to enrich young doctors and their specializations.

My objective and desire is to help GRADE because I believe that they are not only a simple association but also a great example for every working model all over the world. I firmly believe that their values should be applied not only to hematological patients and their families but also to every single other aspect of our society.